• Insurance Information


    NEW this year – Open enrollment for 2023-2024 insurance and FSA benefits will be done online and during the summer, from July 26th thru August 9th.   Open enrollment allows you to make changes or additions to your current insurance plans as well as your FSA elections.  Any changes you elect will be effective September 1st and changes to premium amounts will be made in your August check.

     You will receive an email from Employee Navigator with the link to access the online enrollment as well as register if you have not registered with Employee Navigator yet.

     You have 2 options for open enrollment:

    • Self-enroll online
    • Enroll with Benefits Counselor


    SMSD Open Enrollment Overview

    SMSD Open Enrollment Road Map

    SMSD Benefits At -A -Glance


    Primary Care Physician

    For employees who wish to change their Primary Care Physician, the best way to proceed is to call Nancy Shepherd at The Murray Group. (208) 765-2620.  If employees make a Primary Care Physician change prior to the 15th of the month, it will be retroactive back to the first of the month.  If the change is made after the 15th of the month, it will be changed at the first of the following Month.

    Per Nancy, there are 2 ways for an employee to change their primary care physician:
    1. Call Customer Service at 1-800-627-1188
    2. Complete a PCP Form and mail to Blue Cross


    Blue Cross of Idaho

    The District’s insurance provider, Blue Cross of Idaho, also maintains a web site that contains information about insurance benefits.  Employees can access that website at:  http://bcidaho.com.