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The St. Maries School District is proud to offer a safe and efficient system of transporting our students to and from school and school-sponsored activities.
Policy 702.01 Transportation

Two Address Busing

In accordance with St. Maries Joint School District No. 41 school district policy 702.12 , to support student/family needs, one (1) second busing address other than the student’s home stop will be allowed by the school district.  It is intended to be used consistently as requested on this form.  For all other special busing requests, i.e., family emergencies, please contact your student’s school office and request an emergency, one time busing waiver.

Please print this form and sign at the bottom, and fax it to the transportation office at (208) 245-7797 or you may email it to If you have any questions regarding this form, please contact the transportation office at (208) 245-3366.

Request for Two Address Busing